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  • “The People of Avonmora Move On”, Kaleidotrope, forthcoming in 2024
  • “The side-effects of secondhand skin”, Uppagus, January 2024
  • “Dragon Tracks: a Short Guide”, Dreams and Nightmares, January 2024
  • “Côte d’Or Mignonnettes”, Toda clase de dulces: Sweets from My Childhood, forthcoming
  • “Life in the New Ice Age ”, Star*Line, forthcoming
  • “After the Collapse, the Artificials Reclaim the City”, House of Zolo’s Journal of Speculative Literature Volume 4, forthcoming
  • “You return after the genocide”, BFS Horizons, forthcoming
  • “Dispatches from the Prison Planet”, The Dread Machine, forthcoming
  • “The Sphinx in Old Age”, Utopia Science Fiction, forthcoming
  • “The Bone Whale Rids Itself of Its Inhabitants”, Penumbric Magazine, forthcoming


  • “The Dream-Ships of the Yser“, Star*Line, October 2023
  • “The Ones Who Stayed”, Star*Line, October 2023
  • “The Cyborg Decides to End it”, Illumen, October 2023
  • “You; in the City of Desire”, Illumen, October 2023
  • “The Squatters of the Fungal Forest”, Shoreline Infinity #36: The Climate Change Issue, September 2023
  • “She feels the error of her past”, Shoreline Infinity #36: The Climate Change Issue, September 2023
  • “Elegy for the Forgotten Boy”, The Literary Hatchet #35, July 2023
  • “A New Captain Arrives”, Star*Line 46.3, July 2023
  • “Lamentations”, Star*Line 46.3, July 2023
  • “The Guardian”, Spaceports & Spidersilk, June 2023
  • “A Look into the Lives of The Geriatric Life Companions on the Aniara“, Utopia Science Fiction, June 2023

In 2023 I won the Harelbeke Poetry Competition and was awarded the André Velghe Award. I also received a Dwarf Stars and Best of the Net nomination.




Charles Payseur reviewed my poem “Skywoman and Eve” for Locus:

“[…] evokes creation stories and the knowl­edge of good and evil. Adam is conspicuously and thankfully absent, though, as is the notion that Eve is the author of original sin, instead recognizing her as a victim, betrayed by her loneliness and the punitive nature of the garden she’s been confined within. The Skywoman offers a different focus and source of wisdom, one that doesn’t link loss and destruction with knowledge, and places people as a part of the world rather than the dominating lords of it. Lowie shows a joy rather than a poison that comes from seeing a connection between all living things, and it’s wonderful to experience.”



  • “Verschijnselen van de Nieuwe Aarde”, Ganymedes-23, 2023
  • “Pjotr en Danté; voordat ze hun taken uitvoerden…”, Ganymedes-23, 2023
  • “Een vaartuig, drijvend in de ruimte”, Ganymedes-23, 2023
  • “Op zoek naar leven”, Ganymedes-23, 2023
  • “De Arboreale Wacht”, Gedichtenwandeling Cathemgoed Dudzele, mei 2023
  • “Mijn ontmoeting met Alvina”, Yzersterk (stadsmagazine Diksmuide), april 2023
  • “De Dood neemt even pauze”, Art04, maart 2023
  • “De Helderste Ster”, Art04, maart 2023
  • “Alles wat ik ooit wilde zijn”, Art04, maart 2023
  • “Na het lot”, Art04, maart 2023
  • “Op de Ballingsplaneet”, “Op de Ballingsplaneet”, februari 2023
  • “De Goden Bloeden”, “Op de Ballingsplaneet”, februari 2023
  • “Lamentaties“, Op de Ballingsplaneet, februari 2023

Met mijn drie gedichten “Op de Ballingsplaneet”, “De Goden Bloemen” en “Lamentaties” was ik winnaar van de Harelbeke poëziewedstrijd. Ik werd bekroond met de André Velghe prijs.


3 haiku, Scifaikuest (print), may 2024
3 haiku, Scifaikuest (online), may 2024

3 haiku, Scifaikuest (print), forthcoming
‘clutching’, Basho’s Haiku Journeys Spring 2023 Contest Winner, May 2023
1 haiku, Failed Haiku #88, 2023
3 haiku, The Bamboo Hut, 2023
2 haiku, Trash Panda Haiku issue #4, 2023
2 haiku, Pen Haiku Review, 2023
1 haiku, spring/summer 2023, Akitsu Quarterly
2 haiku, Pan Haiku Review, May 2023
1 haiku, Cold Moon Journal, April 2023
1 haiku, Haikuniverse, March 25 2023
1 haiku, Cold Moon Journal, February 2023
1 haiku, Wales Haiku Journal, winter 2022/2023

1 haiku, Stardust Haiku, October 2022
1 haiku, Wales Haiku Journal, Autumn 2022 (featured on The Haiku Foundation’s “Re:virals” here)
1 haiku, Cold Moon Journal, October 2022